Fight for a flag, shoot your boss or save a hostage! Give your holiday a colourful splash!

The best paintball all around the Budweis and South Bohemia. Try something new, try it with us! We look forward to your visit.

Season 2024 is here! You can book your play!

Are you planning a bachelor party? Teambuilding? Corporate or school events? Or simply just having fun with your friends or family?
We will organize adrenaline for you, which you will never forget.

You need to make a reservation min 1 day before!

Our playground is almost in the center of Budweis. Our playground includes outdoor landscaped grounds, a large indoor area and obstacles.

ARMS (we use semiautomatic markers)


With Spyder Victor 2012, 8 of the 10 paintball players are starting to play paintball, because it is the cheapest weapon that is both reliable, easy to maintain and performance, and is not noticeably low compared to twice as expensive weapons.


The Spyder SONIC does not need to be introduced for a long time. This is a time-tested model of a mechanical weapon from the manufacturer of the Spyder Classic Classic Markers. Spyder guns have always been easy to disassemble, available to all types of paintball players, and that every year, perhaps, all models will experience some improvement. This is not the case with SONIC 09.

The Spyder SONIC 09 in black has a built-in interior construction with all types of Spyder guns. It is characterized by considerable simplicity and easy dismountability, at the expense of more frequent maintenance. The main features of this weapon are the modern, sporty look, shaped handle, double trigger for faster shooting, metal body, bolt made of delrin, easy to clean in the case of a blast.


SW-1 is a mechanical paintball semi-automatic designed for paintball rentals, playgrounds and beginners. The weapon system is a mechanical one-line semi-automatic (the bolt and the hammer are in series, the weapon system self-extinguishes itself after the shot).

Material - the body of the weapon is made of metal, the handle and accessories are made of durable polymer. At the top and bottom of the gun's body are 20mm mounts for tactical accessories. The stack cage is bent to the right, the stack can be pulled down to hold it firmly. The cradle is simply removable. The front handle is detachable. You can also remove the front and rear sights. The base barrel has a length of 23 cm (9 inches). The package includes a 40.5cm (16 ") long barrel of military appearance. The gun is fitted mainly with an A5 thread. Both CO2 and high-pressure air systems can be used for propulsion. Effective range - 50m +. Maximum cadence - about 8 balls per second.


Plazground: Kněžské Dvory - ČB ... Actions 2010 Actions 2012 Army nigth in Paradox


1 player (basic admission) 25
Including entrance, mask, gloves, weapon, Air/Gas, organisator + 200 balls
other balls 6 € / 100 pc
Overall 6 € / day
Transport to the place 50 cents / km
= we will come to your place with our equipment and organise you a game

  • A minimum of 10 players or a minimum of 2000 balls is required to organize the game.
  • Are you less? Does not matter. You can buy 2000 balls from us and we organize the game for you.
  • Or we'll try to get high-quality rivals to make your game even more fun.
  • Balls are sold at least 100 pieces.
  • The duration of the event depends on the number of players, but on average 3-5 hours including the initial briefing.


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  • Among our satisfied corporate customers we also belong:
    • US ARMY - yes, even the United States Army :) did a little to destroy our weapons, but the action was 100% successful in BOLETICE.
    • VITANA
    • LIPNOSERVIS s.r.o.,
    • TEAMPLAY agentura
    • WWW.NIC.CZ
    • ASPERA Technology
    • DECATHLON České Budějovice
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    • VŠTE České Budějovice
    • Střední škola informatiky a právních studií, o. p. s.
      Žižkova třída, České Budějovice
and many others ...


The game starts with one long whistle.

The validity of the action is chosen by the player according to their own agreement (generally determines the action of the trace of the broken ball on the garment).

If a player is hit and out of play, raising his hand and calling "hit" leaves the shortest route to the assembly. This also applies to players with gear defects. This player may return to his position after repairing the defect or replenishing the ball.

Playground rules:

All playground visitors are required to follow the operator's instructions.

On the playground and everywhere where a marker ball is in danger, players and other players must wear a protective mask throughout their game.

Shooting is only allowed on the course during the game, or in the locations for the operator to test or disarm weapons. Outside of the playing area, the weapons are always secured and with a security lock in the barrel.

Is prohibited:

Remove the face mask from the face during the game!
Physically attack the opponents!
Transfer or otherwise modify obstacles!
Touch or transfer the flag of your team!

The current designation of players is when two or more players are tagged at the same time, they must all be excluded!

If a player moves his opponent's flag, he must carry it to his or her base (or other designated place) visibly in his hand, and must not use it as a cover. If this player is disqualified from the game, he must place the flag in the place where he was eliminated. The flag can be handed over by active players of one team.

A player who sees the flag of his team lying anywhere on the playground must not pick it up, move it, or mask it in any way.

The end of the game is announced with three whistles.

It is also prohibited:

Shoot and target unloaded weapons on players without deployed protective masks.

Climb trees, object roofs, destroy vegetation, shoot animals and birds and throw off gear, empty bombs, and more.

When a player observes during the game that there is a person or persons who does not wear safety goggles in the area at risk of shooting, he is obliged to stop firing immediately and draw attention to the fact of the operator.

Players must know and, at all times, observe safety rules.

On the pitch, players are forbidden to take other than paintball guns, flares, smoke guns, and other pyrotechnic articles.

Pyrotechnic products can only be used with the consent of both game groups and playground operators.

Only marker balls provided by the court operator may be used on the course.

The ban on admission applies to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Smoking is only allowed in the designated places.
Persons under the age of 18 may participate in the game only with the accompaniment of their legal guardian or a person over the age of 18.

Game options:

The following games are just some of the many game models used and can be modified according to the current situation.

Fight for your opponent's flag
A classic style where a team has to occupy an opponent's position that is flagged or taken to its position.

Fight for 2 flags
One group hinders two flags on one side at the same time, which are spaced at least 100 meters away, the task of the attackers is to seize these flags and bring them to their posts.

Fighting with a health care professional
In any game, you can use the "revival" of the affected team, where each team has at their disposal a medical officer marked with a visible red cross on the sleeve, or an orange reflective vest and a backpack or backpack with a red cross.

The affected person may not leave his position, but can summon him by calling "Health Care Officer", the retired person will return to play only by touch - if he gets to him. In order to avoid misuse of a health care professional: "I was revived, but no one sees it", it is recommended that the attackers take the affected team-colored ribbons.

The medic then "revives" locked out its players by providing the tape from his bag, which has a certain number of them, if they run out, it becomes a "common foot soldier" and if hit, leaving the game.

Moving Flag
The task of the group is to protect their flag on the course during the game. If someone with a flag is hit, the whole group loses.

Pounds of prisoners
The task of both groups is to capture their opponent. After a player's intervention, the shooter takes him as a prisoner and takes him to his post (jail). The attacker has to get himself from the gunner's position with his hands and arms over his head, or the shooter will be shot for the situation.

Affected during transportation "to your detention" must have arms and a gun overhead to make it clear that he was captured.
Whereabouts where this is collected can be prevented by the maximum guardian. The prisoner can be released by touching one of the comrades.

The second group of a man of his captured companion during the trip free (by hitting the enemy and touching the prisoner)
It is recommended to add balls during the game at both locations.

Command the commander
One group hinders a member who is marked with a different yellow color band and has no weapon. The task of the second group is to capture it without interference. However, if it is armed, it can be eliminated and thus the whole team by the only intervention.

Fight in groups
It plays against 3-10 groups in two or three players, without flags with different marking on the sleeve. The winners will be those who will, of course, stay as long as possible without interference.

Time to play
In the middle of the pitch there is an object, location or vehicle with both flags. The task of both groups is to seize this position as soon as possible, to erect your flag and defend it for as long as possible. If it loses its position, the second group, after reloading, takes off the opponent's flag and raises its own. It is played for 45 minutes, with the affected person returning to his / her basic position on his / her side and "down" for 5 minutes.

The group that will keep their flag erected is the winner. The time is measured and recorded by the Referee and reports the current status by the loudspeaker when changing the flag.

It is recommended that the balls be replenished during the game at both locations.

All against all
Everyone plays for themselves. The game starts after the signal, when everyone moves in the woods (Very funny ...)

One group hinders an elevated habitat with a flag, a second attack. The ratio must be such that there are more players on the defending side.

Nonstop game
Fighting one flag in the middle of a race track or a pre-designated position or two flags. The player returns to his / her side where he / she started (the gathering or the beginning of the pitch). He is there for 4 minutes and returns to the game. Time is checked by the organizer. Paintball balls play during play on both sides of the playground (for faster play). Each player has his / her number and can only be eliminated twice during this one game.

Fight for Commander
Each team has its commander, which is marked on each sleeve with a different color (yellow) if someone hits it, the game ends.


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